Seoul – Hongdae & Ewha


Today we headed off to Hongdae to see the cheaper shops, when we arrive we headed straight to a cafe we saw called Are Cafe. It was surprisingly very pleasant inside, and very trendy. They had this awesome table filled with lego, and some study booths.

I ordered a egg and toast sandwich, which took forever but it was a really nice toastie sandwich with some kimchi sauce inside with ham and lettuce.

Although there were stalls selling clothes and other nit bits, we ended up going into cosmetic shops again. This time round there weren’t so many people and there wasn’t such a hard sell compared with Myeongdong. I ended up buying a Peripura lip tint, Aloe face cleansing gel foam from Nature Republic, some funny socks and an Apieu sun block.


As we were walking we passed the Trick Eye museum, and headed inside. With mastercard we were able to buy one ticket and the other half price, in total we only paid 22500W for two rather than 30,000W! This ticket also included entry into the ice museum. There’s also lockers there for 500W.

This museum was basically a photo opportunity with different images set up so it looks 3D, it’s quite fun and a nice break from shopping! There are some which are way better than others and there were some weird set ups towards the end, but we got some hilarious pictures.


Afterwards there was a carnival/ games room where we could play the arcade basketball game and air hockey for free.

Then we headed into the ice museum, we put on our jackets as there’s a sign saying it’s -11c inside and they were not lying! My god it was cold inside, really small though so you don’t have to stay long. There was a little ice slide and some seats, there’s also the inside of a house, which even had a shit in the toilet lol. Really random and way too cold to enjoy.


After this we headed out to eat, we spent a looong time looking for this fried chicken place.. but eventually found KyoChon. We ordered an original and salsal dish, the salsal was fried with rice so it was extra crispy, had no bone and came with 3 sauces. The original was on the bone and had no dip but the skin was so tasty. We also ordered some salad but it was a bit rubbish, we had one cherry tomato and pretty much the same leaf covered in a sweet orange sauce. Between four of us it cost us 42000W which is really cheap!

For dessert we headed to the Hello Kitty Cafe! Again took us a while to find but it’s a very cute building. Inside it wasn’t so special and the food was really expensive. They have a rule where each person has to buy a drink, and they are quite expensive too and milky! They only drink I could really have that was hot and not milky was a herbal tea for 4000W, the others got a sweet potato latte, a green tea latte, and a hot chocolate. None of them came in mugs! They had a cute sprinkling on top though. The decor wasn’t amazing but there was a random bedroom at the top which was cute.


We headed off to Ewha to see the market and do some clothes shopping, I didn’t want anything but the others bought some coats and jumpers. The clothes are really nice but I generally don’t think the Korean style suits me back in London.

All in all today was a good day for cosmetics shopping…


And sock shopping…



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