Tiger Temple and Krabi night market


Today was half relaxing half serious work out! We had a lazy morning, which I was grateful for as my head was killing me…

We set off about 2, had lunch in Ao Nang, and then caught a local bus to Tiger Temple (sometimes called Tiger Cave). It only cost 150B, mega cheap compared to the 1000B quoted for a private taxi!  The guy in our hotel was saying that the bus would not take us to the temple, but we risked it anyway.


We drove through Krabi and onto the Temple, it took us about an hour or so. It also happened that our driver drove us to the entrance of the temple so the man at our hotel was scaring us for no reason! Our bus driver was really kind and said he would wait 2 hours for us to go up to the top and back down.


So to get to the top, you have to climb over 1000 steps… and it started of small, and then the steps grew higher and higher…! I love a challenged and left the slow pokes behind and climbed up in 20mins, mentally I just wanted to get to the top as quick as possible as it was exhausting.


We had started around 4.30pm so it was beginning to become really cool and the steps were completely in the shade, there is no way I could do it when it’s hot.


There’s little corners in the steps where you can have a break and a lot of people do as it’s pretty tough. It is SO worth it though! The view at the top is stunning and the sun was beginning to set. There was also a really nice breeze, and some taps for drinking water.


Coming down was worse than going up, my legs were shaking.. Couldn’t wait to sit down on the bus.


The journey was quick to Krabi and cost us 100B each, the driver was unbelievably kind as he came after us as I had left my camera on the bus.

The market was buzzing, so many stalls and people!


I was excited to have some street food. I started off with some mango for 30B which came with chilli sugar, then had one chicken kebab for 10B, a stick of corn for 20B, one pad thai for 40B and a Taro bun for 20B. So all in all, 120B which is less than 3 pounds! So cheap! We ate in the centre of the market accompanied by some really nice live music as the singers were pretty good.

There’s almost too much food to choose from, would love to go back another time!




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