Koh Phi Phi


Today was our last day in Thailand, so we decided to take a trip to the famous Koh Phi Phi which is about an hour and half boat journey from Krabi. We had searched on the streets in Ao Nang for the best price for the ferry and found a return ticket for 650B, leaving at 8am arriving on the island at 10.30am and returning at 3pm – the latest ferry of the day.

A fancy minibus picked us up from our hotel and drove us to Krabi pier, we exchanged our vouchers into tickets and boarded. The boat was quite large and had nice aircon, a big difference from the longboats! I quickly fell asleep on the ferry, it’s motion was so soothing and I woke when we were close to docking. The journey had taken 30mins longer than planned and it took forever to get off the boat as a lot of people had luggage, which meant we had even less time to explore.

Once off we were on the small streets, each selling food, clothes or souveniers. It was definitely a tourist destination and much more loud compared with Ao Nang. It took us a while to find the beach, and were quite disappointed when we reached it. There’s bars all along, which comes with waste all in the sea – straws, bottle caps and plastic cups… The water itself was foamy and I don’t like foam parties at the beach… Alison and I did have a quick dip but we were only trying to fool ourselves that this was the beautiful Koh Phi Phi.

20160327162613 20160327162614

Luckily, Anita had found out about a nice beach called Long beach, and we would have to pay 100B for a longboat to take us there. As we really disliked this beach we quickly got back to the pier and straight away found a taxiboat. The journey was only 5 mins and it was the best 100B we’d spent at the island! The sea was really beautiful and clear, an amazing blue colour and had a stunning view, a stark contrast from the other main beach.


Unfortunately as we had to get back to the pier for our ferry to Ao Nang, we didn’t have long at Long beach. If only we’d known about it from the start and not wasted our precious time on that fugly backpacker party beach. I’d definitely like to come back to this part of Thailand to explore more islands and beaches as there are some amazing gems to be found.

The ferry back wasn’t too bad, again I fell asleep for a bit, but we did stop off at Railay beach first for people staying there and we could check out the amazing view.


Our port was a bit further from Ao Nang, and the tide was too low for the boat to stop at the pier so long boats had to come and take us back to the shore.

Once back at our hotel, we grabbed our laundry, ate a bowl of beef noodle soup, I bought 3 pancakes like a fatty and finally showered.  We had booked a taxi to take us to the airport but the tour man had booked it for the wrong day, so we were a bit worried we wouldn’t have much time to bag drop but we needn’t have worried. We arrived in plenty of time, there was no queue for bag drop or security.  We were, however, told to sit at a different gate because we were the only people to have a connecting flight out of Thailand. Weird. We were completely alone at this gate!


They then got us in a bus and took us to the correct gate… So pointless, but anyway we got on the flight fine!


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