Ko Hong Kayaking


We got up early to get on a Hong Bay Kayaking tour, the bus picked us up at 8.30 and drove us to the Klong Heng Port. From there we boarded our boat, and sailed for 45 mins towards Ko Hong. It was a really stunning view on the way there passing the many islands in the area.



Our first stop was Ko Pak Ah where we were able to snorkel and swim. The water was really nice but there were no fish, it’s not a good snorkelling spot. Bit of a disappointment! It was fun swimming round with Alison though.

Next stop was a nearby island where we had some lunch, it was BBQ fish and kebabs, I really didn’t enjoy it and I think it upset my stomach. The island was also very dirty and full of rubbish, and the sea too. I was again disappointed at this, but the view beyond the people and boats was pretty.


Our final destination was Ko Hong where we put our belongings into a waterproof bag, piad the 300B entry fee and got into our kayaks. I sat at the back and Alison sat at the front, Anita sat with the tour guide. This was the best part of the tour, there was hardly anyone around and the views were incredible!




We rowed ourselves, with some difficulty at first, along the edge of the island (almost killing a few swimmers) and then into the lagoon.


The lagoon was so beautiful and quiet. The water was a pretty blue and shallow enough to stand and swim comfortably. The rocks of the island are so pretty and I really enjoyed being there.


We then had to row back about 2km, which Alison and I were really slow at, but we made it and celebrated by hanging out on the beach.

Once back to the hotel after the long boat journey back, we went to go eat dinner. We went to this small cafe where I had a Thai Curry, and omg it was so spicy! I was like oh they didn’t give a lot of curry and way more rice but jeez it’s like they wanted my tongue to fall off..

For dessert I found this nice stall run by two nice girls. I ordered two pancakes, one crispy and the other with banana filling. This has to be the highlight of my day. I could eat these all day every day and for 25B for the plain crispy I’d happily eat it again and again.



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