Seoul – Myeongdong Market & Namdaenum


So we finally arrived in Korea at 10am! Once through immigration and baggage collect, we met up with Tina who was waiting for us at the airport and booked ourselves onto the bus. To get to Chongmuro where our AirBnb is, cost us 15,000W each and took around 1hour 30mins.


We dropped off our bags and headed to the metro, we bought a single ticket to Hoyeon Station to go eat at Namdaenum Market. At the station we each bought a Transit Pass for 3000W from the machine and loaded up 10,000W for the next few days travel. It comes out in a cute box with some spending vouchers.


Coming out there were two tourist information agents who gave us a map of the area and told us where to go eat.


While wandering through the streets, we came across many street food stalls. I bought some gyoza which tasted exactly the same as in London, I also bought this rice stick in chilli sauce. I didn’t actually want the rice sticks but the woman had filled out a cup before I could say no. The others bought some pastries with yampaste and potato dumplings, and Tina bought hottok which is a small rice pancake filled with sugar, nuts and peanuts.


We headed to Food Alley and went inside a cafe to eat lunch. I ordered a bimbimbap which was ok, nothing special and cost 7000W.


Afterwards we walked to Namdaenum for cosmetics shopping. It’s pretty crazy and there’s a lot of the same shops selling basically the same thing. I wasn’t too interested as I don’t have much to spend and I’m really bad at using products. However, there was some awesome food stalls. Like CANDYFLOSS AMAZING.. Highlight of my day.


The candyfloss was not sickly at all and each colour had a different taste. I bloody love candyfloss.

I also ended up eating another Hottok too, but was really tempted by the chicken kebabs, fried squid, mochi strawberries, bulgogi…etc.


For my main I had a belly pork wrap with loads of vegetables. I really didn’t like it, it tasted a bit weird.


The day at the cosmetics area was not wasted as I bought the brush Kill Black eyeliner which came with a eye makeup remover and an Argan hair wax from Nature Republic. Altogether we hauled quite a lot for the first day!





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