Railay Beach

On my second day in Ao Nang, Krabi, I went to check out Railay Beach which is only a 15 min journey on a longboat. A return trip is only 200B, but still wanted to make it a full day there.

The beach is much nicer compared with Ao Nang beach, really nice view and the water when the tide is high is really warm and lovely to swim in, it’s also a nice green / teal colour. There’s plenty of trees for shade and enough dry sand to sit on, there’s not loads as the tide does come in quite high. When the tide is low there’s a lot of rocks with crabs, if you want to swim it’s much better to come in the morning!


20160324045907There’s a walkway which has some shops and food, there’s some nice stalls selling wraps and baguettes for 100B but there wasn’t really anywhere to sit… I had a chicken wrap, and it was huge! Well worth the money, there was a good amount of salad and you have a choice of 10 sauces. Anita had a chicken and mango and they were really generous with the mango.


To complete the day here, we wanted to go to the view point to see the view of both East and West Railay. It was proving hard to find as it wasn’t obvious where the walk to the view point began. Turns out from West Railay you walk past the information desk at Railay Bay Hotel towards the East beach, then turn right and walk along the beach until the end and turn right again. There is a pagoda at the bottom of the trek.


To get to the view point is a bit of a mission, but a really fun one if you don’t mind a bit of rock climbing! There are many ropes to help you get up but there’s also lots of rocks to hold on to too. Many people wore trainers to get up as they have better grip but I wore my Haviana sandals and there were quite a few people in flip flops. There were warning signs about how not to climb when wet and I think I’d probably die if it was wet as it would be so slippery.


The climb to the view point is a mission not gonna lie… but SO MUCH FUN. I think because of my strength training at the gym I found it relatively easy and didn’t struggle too much but I can see it can be a struggle for others, but many people manage it! Anita and Alison got through it and if those weaklings can, anyone can 😛


To get to the view point took us about 20mins and that included waiting for other people to come down. It’s quite a celebration when you reach the top haha, but unfortunately as we had gone up later in the day the tide was out and so it wasn’t as stunning as we’d hoped… Still very beautiful and good photo op!


I decided to leave the girls behind and tackle the climb to the lagoon which many people were warning us about as they said it was very difficult. Even when I’d got down the first section to get to the lagoon there were girls who had turned back and said it was too difficult, so I was a bit hesitant about continuing alone… but I’m number one monkey girl and love a good challenge! There are 4 vertical climbs down to get there and I struggled on the 3rd, and received some help on the 4th but generally was easy and fun. I was joking to myself though that I’d never get back up..

The lagoon itself to me wasn’t the most special place but if you have lots of time and don’t have anyone waiting for you, I could probably sit there and dwell on life for a bit..



The climb back wasn’t hard at all! There were some people who were really struggling and I had to wait for them to climb up before I could get up. I think some people were surprised how quick I was haha.


We headed back to Ao Nang once we had managed to climb down to the ground. We freshend up and headed out to eat, we ended up eating at this restaurant which was away from the main street. I had a shrimp pad thai for 50B and it was delicious, for dessert I had mango sticky rice at the more expensive price of 100B.



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