After a 24 hour journey, I finally arrived at Krabi airport! I’m staying at Phranang Place in Ao Nang, and a taxi there cost 600B. Halfway to the hotel the driver stopped off at a tour guide shop for them to try and sell us some tours…

The hotel is really nice, it has everything we need and is clean. As we are all tired from travelling, we decided to take it easy and just wander around the area and walk to the beach. It is a very resort style area and I feel very safe walking around, there’s lots of shops, restaurants and bars.

The beach itself is considered the”unpretty” one in the area, I can understand why as the sea is a brown colour due to the dark sand and the water rises very far up so there is not a lot of beach to sit on without getting damp. There is a beautiful view though of the boats against the rocks and distant islands.



Towards the rock there are so many monkeys, tourists feed them and I guess that is why they stick to that area! It smells quite bad and I really didn’t want any monkey jumping on me so I kept my distance.


Here by the beach you are spoilt for choice for massages, there’s so many in one place offering many different kinds of massage.

Walking back to the hotel I spotted a small street with some cafes, we decided to eat at one selling beef, chicken and fish ball noodle soup. It was so tasty and the broth was really delicious, and a lot of locals came to eat there. Each bowl costs 50B, which is an absolute bargain. I’d definitely come back 🙂2016032312050020160323113934



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