Bottom Bay and Sam Lord’s Castle

We were told by a local that we should definitely head to these Bottom Bay but it seemed quite tricky to get to. We didn’t want to spend over $100 for a car hire, so we tried to figure a way of going by bus. Where we were based we could get a bus to Oistins, a town further south and then get another bus to Sam Lord’s Castle, from there we were to walk 20mins.

As the bus costs only $1 each this is a really cost effective way of travelling! The journey took us into the burbs of Barbados and we saw a lot more fields and small villages, the real stuff not the tourist locations. Once we got near to Sam Lord’s Castle the bus driver asked where we were headed and we mentioned Bottom Bay so he told us to stay on. We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and were told to walk straight down this side road. 10 mins later, we came across the beach.

Compared with other beaches, Bottom Bay was tropical with palm trees, cliff tops and green surroundings.


As it is on the East coast, the sea is a lot rougher and the current is much too strong to swim in. I tried to pee sitting down so I didn’t have to fully submerge, only to have a wave pull me right across the beach…


We decided to explore the area and head South, and sat on the cliff tops overlooking the sea which was really beautiful to watch.


As we were walking we kept coming across abandoned buildings which were great for photo opportunities.



We followed the sea, walking through fields which may or may not have been filled with snakes or other bugs but I was having too much fun to realise..

I could see many other beaches where no one was present, it seems that tourist really avoid this area as it’s a bit difficult to get to. It was a beautiful walk and quite a fun one, especially as there was no one around.


We ended up stumbling across what looked like an abandoned hotel, with empty swimming pools and tennis courts with no nets.


I felt like I had entered an apocalypse, and seeing as my favourite novel genre is dystopian I was completely in my element. We walked further in, and saw a huge beautiful empty building.


Inside was completely empty apart from a few metal beams, and it looked like it had been burnt down.


It was on some beautiful land which had pretty, now overgrown, gardens and private beaches. Really surreal!



On our way out and finding a bus stop, a local confirmed that we were walking in Sam Lord’s Castle which was a hotel that had been burnt down by a local crazy. The Chinese had now bought it and were going to redevelop the land.


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