Cool Running Catamaran Cruise

We decided to go on a catamaran trip which involved snorkelling and lunch, we booked a Cool Runnings trip based on a recommendation from a friend.

At first I was sceptical as a bus picked us up and there were a lot of people getting on, and were all loud Americans (for 9am this was an issue!). When we reached Bridgetown there were two catamarans and we were split up into two groups. The boat was busy but we found space on the roof and set down our towels, they had an open bar and were encouraging everyone to make the most of it. We set off and it was a really lovely boat trip around the coast, snorkelling was fun but not the best I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed the stop where we had a really tasty lunch and could jump off the boat into the sea. On the way back everyone was getting a bit more tipsy and it soon turned into a full blown party, it was hilarious and seeing everyone from all walks of life dance to Watch me Whip (Nae Nae) was so much fun. Definitely a trip not to miss!


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