Bathsheba and North Barbados

On our last day we decided to hire a car and explore with ease, we headed straight to Bathsheba, it was a 40 min drive across the country. With our google maps already loaded onto our phones, we were able to see a clear route to avoid the bus routes and hit the highways.

Getting nearer to Bathsheba it’s like we came across another country, there were hills and lots of lush green around and it felt very relaxed. It’s not a sandy beach but full of rocks, again as it’s on the East coast the sea is not swimmable but it’s extremely scenic.




There are pockets of water where it’s protected by the coral and you can get in the water, the one we went in was really deep so you could swim and next to it was a warm shallow pool. The young local boys were jumping off the cliff into the deeper pool and seemed like a great place for them to play.


We saw quite a few locals fishing by spears, they had their goggles on and trainers and most caught fish but one guy was catching huge octopus! It showed great skill and I was really impressed.



We then drove north up towards Pie Corner just randomly following the roads along the sea, this local flagged us down giving us directions to a cliff for photo opportunity. He wanted us to pay him for the tip or he can get in the car, I was hesitant but Rudy had already invited him into the car before I could say anything. We were directed to a cliff which was really pretty, and then onto another cliff which had amazing crashing waves. It was quite a random encounter but the local was very friendly, and I learnt I should be more trusting…



Continuing our drive, we were passing Mount Gay so decided to check it out. I wasn’t expecting anything but to our surprise the Mount Gay Rum distillery is actually based in Mount Gay. I don’t know why that was so surprising but I genuinely thought it was going to be a wasted journey. Anyway, it was closed for the day so we couldn’t have an official tour but the security guard was kind enough to walk us around and tell us what each room was for. You could really smell the rum!



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