Barbados food run down

When you go abroad as a Brit, you generally expect your pound to stretch quite far. However in Barbados I was shocked that the majority of restaurants are SO EXPENSIVE. I was shocked.

I was really expecting cheap eats, but it was similar price to London restaurants. At least £15 for dinner! So me being on a budget I was not happy, but at the same time I’m on holiday and I should enjoy myself.


For breakfast, we found a nice cafe not to far from us which served Omelettes and toasties and next door there was a smoothie bar. This became our main breakfast hang out and was a treat as we spend nearly £30 each morning, but then we found this local who sold pasties out of his van. They were so delicious and came in beef, chicken or saltfish fillings and only cost $2! The man in the van was only around at certain times, so we tried to get to him before he left.


Food wise budget was an issue, I was always shocked at the price but when you found a local in a van they were always selling amazing food. Our main lady was found on Accra Beach at lunchtime and she cooked up curried lamb, jerk chicken, mac n cheese, sweet potato, rice and peas all for $6. Always keep an eye out for the white vans selling food, most likely it will be homemade, cheap and super delicious.


Also the local delights are not to be missed, the fish bites are really popular and cheap, great for a snack 🙂



After my trip to Bottom Bay we went to eat at Champers, which is a fine dining restaurant. It was really lovely sitting by the sea and lovely food! I had scallops to start which were so delicious.


Then I had a seafood pasta which had lobster tail, huge prawns and some white fish. The portion size is pretty large that I couldn’t even finish my main!


Would definitely recommend as it’s not so fancy you feel out of place, but fancy enough to feel special. Price is OK too for a fine dining restaurant, it cost us around $120 for the whole meal.


On the Friday night we went to Oistins where it all apparently kicks off with the big fish grill and music. We got a bus down, and with really bad traffic we made it and it was already buzzing. The place is mainly filled with tourists, but the whole area is covered with tables and chairs and it’s hard to distinguish one grill from another.


We saw a lot of people queuing for one particular area but we were so hungry we tried to find somewhere with space. We soon realised after sat down it was probably because the busier grill was cheaper as the food at ours was so expensive again!


$30 for a lobster tail and $12 for some shrimp kebab… We ordered lobster tail, 2 shrimp kebabs and a fish for just the two of us.


When we saw the portion size of everyone’s food we had pretty much ordered for four people, so it was lucky but also unlucky that they had run out of shrimp. The food we received was really delicious and fresh, you can’t miss out on the seafood here.


We finished off our trip by eating out at The Cliff. We made sure to dress up really nice, and drove up for our 6.30pm reservation. It gets booked up really quick so you need to reserve a table at least one week in advance, we were only able to get 6.30pm – 8.15pm. When we got in we were one of the first few tables to be seated.


The surroundings are gorgeous, we had fire torches all around us and the sea was all lit up so we could see the huge sting rays swimming about.


The menu is set but you do have a good choice. I had the crab salad to start, which was so moreish and fresh.


While we were waiting for our main there was a powercut but because of all the fire torches you could still see fine and it made it more romantic. We heard quite a few people who had sat down after us that they would not be receiving any food because of the power cut, but as we had already ordered we were ok. In fact it was a blessing in disguise as we were able to eat our main in peace and not rush, we actually left around 9! My main was a delicious prawn thai curry, it was superb.


I must say the food quality is very similar to Champers, but the experience at the Cliff made it so worthwhile. The price tag is much higher $250 for two, but I think it’s a once in a lifetime place to eat.

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