Thailand – Pai hotsprings and view point


With the rented scooters, we rode into town for a hearty breakfast and then set of towards the hotsprings. These are called the “secret hotspring” but I assume everyone knows about it. We drove up the 1095 road until we saw a bigblue sign to the hotsprings, turned right, paid 4baht entry and then carefully drove to the springs. The roads were so steep and windey I drove so super slow to avoid any trouble.

The hot spring is a small area with some benches and a toilet, and arriving at 11am, there weren’t too many people either. I got straight in the natural spring and the water was crystal clear and not too hot! We stayed around 1 hour getting nice and pruney.

Afterwards we continued to drive North and found some incredible views. I really loved this drive, the roads were empty and in good condition. I think in total we drove for around 4 hours, and got really close to the caves but had to turn round in order to return the bike on time.

That evening we had a BBQ at the hostel which was really nice and sociable. I think Pai is beautiful and enjoyed driving round having the cold mountain breeze on me.


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