Thailand – Heading to Pai, Canyon sunset


I got a bus at 9.30am from my hostel and got to Pai at around 1pm. I was lucky enough to meet a girl on my bus who was happy to go stay at the same hostel as me.

We walked from the bus station for 20mins to Spicy Pai, it’s a nice hostel and is out the way from the main town overlooking a rice field. Immediately after checking in we walked into the town to find food, and found a small restaurant cooking local food.

Afterwards we walked back to the hostel to rent a scooter, I got myself a nice scoopy for 15o per day. With that we headed off to the Pai canyon to watch the sunset. It’s a really cool place and it was a shame we didn’t have proper shoes on as we couldn’t climb the canyons very easily. It was really refreshing to see a beautiful natural landscape again.

For dinner we went into the town and saw a night market, so we shared an avocado salsa bread, mac n cheese and a bbq pork skewer. Really typical Thai food… It was nice walking around and I’m alway pleased to see street food.


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