Thailand – Chiang Mai, Sunday Market


I prepared a little more today and found a popular noodle place to eat my breakfast/ lunch. It was called Rod Yiam and turned out to be round the corner from my hostel, on the East side north corner inside the moat. When I told my hostel owner I was going to eat there, he was like oh! I’ll come with haha, which was sweet as I got a free ride there.
The famous dish here was beef noodle soup, apparently in Hong Kong Style, when I heard that I knew I would enjoy it especially as it cost 40B.

Afterwards I headed down to the East gate again and saw some more temples I hadn’t managed to see the day before. They were all getting a bit samey but I did come across one where it was new with a garden and it was very pretty. There was monk in one of the temples there blessing people but as I’m not Bhuddist, it didn’t seem right to go in.

To have a break from the heat I stopped at a cafe called Aiya, there I had a Thai iced tea which was delicous and not too sweet. It has an American theme, the owner is very friendly and they had good wifi. The toilet was a walk down the road but I didn’t have to pay.

I went to check out the river afterwards, and then headed back to my hostel to book a tour for the next day. There I started speaking to a Chinese girl and she ended up joining me for the Sunday market. This market was easy to find and was so big! I ate so much food, trying anything and everything, I particularly liked the Chiang Mai spicy sausage.
Unfortunately I didn’t really find anything I wanted to buy and the stalls I saw on Saturday weren’t there on Sunday! I still walked around 4 hours until the market closed… so knackered but happy I saw it all.

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