Thailand – Chiang Mai


As my first unprepared day in Chiang Mai, I looked up on a few blogs and found a free walking tour .

I made sure to load up my google maps with this map before losing wifi, and changed it a little to see what was near my hostel first and then headed into the centre to see the other main temples. To eat I just went in anywhere I came across and ordered, I think I should look up better places to eat!

Although it felt like I was walking forever, I actually didn’t walk too far, it was more the heat that killed me. I saw so many awesome temples, I did see the area where you can chat to the monks but my head was killing me and I just wanted to keep moving.

By around 5pm I was done walking and decided to save some temples for the next day. I sat at the East gate watching all the Chinese tourists feed pigeons and have them fly on them. I thought it was so gross but I guess they don’t see pigeons that often maybe… I started to walk towards the everyday night market but then thought I can save that for another day so I headed to the special Saturday market. It’s apparently the same as the Sunday market but I like to visit markets more than once so this was ideal for me!

I ate some yummy food, like pork ribs, corn, banana roti, the usual same food I eat in Thailand haha. I really enjoyed walking round the market, thought of things I could buy for people and then I can go back and see it again tomorrow.

To get back from the market I managed to get on a red taxi and it cost me only 20b to get back to my hostel. I was pleased it was cheap and quick as my head was pounding and I really needed to sleep.


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