Singapore – Zoo & 313 mall Orchard Road


I had bought my ticket for the zoo through my hostel to save a bit of money so in total for me it was $28 instead of $33 with the $5 extra for the tram. To get there was really easy I took the MRT to Ang Mo Kio and then followed the signs to bus 138. There was a bit of a queue so I knew I was waiting at the right place.

The bus took quite a while, all in all it took me around 1 hour from my hostel to the zoo. It was all signed well and it’s pretty obvious when you arrive at there. I had to exchange my voucher for a ticket, but I skipped a huge queue, another reason to get your ticket beforehand!

The first thing I saw once I was inside was a huge poster about rules for pokemon catching… can you believe…then right next to it was a poster for where you can catch them and where there was a gym! I laughed so much and really was in awe that we are finally living in a VR world. CRAY!

Anyway, I don’t have pokemon go on my phone nor internet, wah, so I had to ignore and just look at the map and see what I was going to view first. I decided to work my way round anti clockwise, kind of following the tram route.

All in all, the zoo is amazing. I loved all the enclosures and wasn’t sad about any being too small or cramped for the animal inside. Asides from all the animals, I enjoyed the exotic food section too where there were chilis, gourds and many other weird and wonderful vegetables and fruits growing. I think my favourite animal enclosure was the orangutan, they had the main viewing pit but all over the sky were ropes and platforms for all the orangutan to roam freely. It’s such a good way to keep them happy and if only they had this for all the animals. Unfortunately I didn’t research well enough as I didn’t find the pandas which are in another zoo?? I was a bit disappointed but this zoo was so large I wasn’t too bothered in the end haha. For food, I brought my own, saved me so much money!

Around 4pm I headed off to Orchard road again as I was on the same line. I got off at Somerset station and first thing I got myself a Gongcha and proceeded to look around the shops. I really love window shopping and I think the shopping in Singapore is amazing, there are so many things here I like. For dinner I ate in the food court at the top, and then headed back to pack!


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