Singapore – Botanical Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, Light Shows.


Today was going to bea flower filled day, and my first stop was the Botanical Gardens. I took the MRT to the Botanical Gardens stop and just outside the exit was the entrance to the park. It’s a free park with many different gardens inside to explore, the only garden you have to pay for is the Orchid one and even then it’s only $5.

First I walked around the lake, and saw many of the huge lizard that roam freely around Singapore. I also saw a black swan and some turtles swimming there too, the swan also attacked the turtle which was amusing.

I started to come across so many beautiful flowers and with the sun shining, I was a happy bunny! It really is a beautiful park, I took my time and enjoyed every section they had to offer and saw so many new flowers and leaves that I don’t think I’d ever seen before. I think I spent around 5 hours in the park… Just walking and exploring. My favourite garden was the evolution one, I don’t know if I’ve just been ignorant all my life but I genuinely didn’t know about Earth’s history and how the plants evolved. I totally learnt new stuff today which made me happy, and I loved how you basically walk through time.

I also really enjoyed the Orchid garden, I found it beautifully laid out and the orchids are just wow. I love orchids they’re my favourite flower I’m sure (although I do love fuchsias too and like a million other flowers), and they’re presented so well here. I enjoyed the VIP section as they had some really interesting mutant orchids there which I hadn’t seen before.

For food I had to give in and eat at the park which was an expensive ordeal, chicken nuggets and chips for $9!! That was the cheapest thing on the menu; I should have brought food with me.

After spending many hours in the park I realised I needed enough time to enjoy the Gardens by the Bay before the light show which happens at 7.45pm. It was 4pm now..

To get to the gardens is quite easy, what I ended up doing is catching a bus from the park all the way down to the Suntec mall. I had a quick look around there and got something little to eat. I then took the MRT to Bayside station, I could have walked but I wanted to save time and my legs! From the station it was easy to follow signs.

There is a shuttle bus which takes you to the entrance but I enjoyed the short walk to the entrance. I bought a standard ticket which cost $28 and included entry to both the cloudforest and the flowers. I decided to go see the flowers first, and when I went there was an orchid extravaganza so I was excited to see that. When I first walked in I was a bit disappointed in how small it seemed, but I was greeted with a ton of pretty flowers so that made up for it.

It felt a bit like I was in a big greenhouse, and there were parts for fruit, cacti and Australian foliage. For the orchids, they were everywhere, like everywhere… in massive bunches hanging off trees and in pots. In the main exhibition it just seemed like there had been orchid vomit everywhere. For me, it was too much in one place. In the Botanical garden it was much more natural and spread out, here they had just been thrown into one area and it was like a competition as to how many flowers they could fit into a small space. Although the flowers were pretty, it was way too busy people and flower wise. I like to admire the flowers in my own time, but I felt like I was constantly in the way of someone’s selfie.

There was one section right at the end of the exhibition which was stunning, and it was like a mini room of flowers, even hanging from the ceiling but again it was just too busy to enjoy it. I was quite happy to move on from the flower dome.

The cloud forest, I had no idea what to expect and the first thing you see is this huge artificial waterfall. I’ve seen plenty of natural ones so I quickly got out of the selfies and headed round the corner to take a lift up to the top. It took no time at all to get up, and at the top you can see a walkway to start heading down, this was no ordinary walk way and as I was walking down I felt like I was in another world. It was extraordinary¬†seeing the foliage on the inner “tube” and looking up just felt like I was looking into the future. Needless to say I loved it, the whole experience was just awesome and loved walking around. It was a bonus that the sun wass beginning to set as I could see the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the distance.

Also at the cloud forest is a ton of information about how the clouds work with rainforests, and also information about climate change. I wasn’t too interested in reading or listening to it all… I made my way swiftly through in order to get to the Supertree Grove to watch the light show at 745pm.

I positioned myself nicely on next to one of the trees with a good view of the main three in the middle. It was nice to see the sun finally set and the trees began to light up, when I was there it was retro themed, and me being the granny that I am, I bloody loved it. They played all the good tunes from the 70s and I was singing along enjoying the lights. It lasted around 15mins.

Afterwards it was pretty busy to get back to the MRT and I instead walked up and across this walkway by the hotel to get to the Marina shopping mall. Here I wandered around for a bit and then headed to the bay to get ready for the second light show of the evening. It was really busy, probably because it was the weeked. I actually got there around 45mins before the show started and found a seat easy but around 9pm it was quite packed already. I actually thought the show started at 9, but it was actually 930pm…

This show was a bit meh… it was a cool concept that it was projection onto water, but the story was a bit naff and it was nothing special. No ooos or aaahhhs. I’m glad I saw it so I could tick it off my list, but if you don’t have time I don’t recommend.

Afterwards I went to the food court to get a little something to eat and had another quick look at the shops then headed back. It was another full day and I was knackered!


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