Singapore arrival and Orchard Street


So I’m leaving Indonesia, I feel somewhat happy because I found it difficult to get around and quite expensive, but also sad because there is SO MUCH MORE in this wonderful country, in which I’d need a good extra couple months to explore.

My flight was at 6.30am, took a taxi for 150,000rp and plane sailing, got to Jakarta for my transit just fine. At Jakarta, I was really pleased I had a long overlay as I had to take a shuttle bus to get to the right terminal and omg there are about 50 terminals here… It took a good 30mins to finally get to the right terminal.

Again flight to Singapore was easy as pie, everything went fine and no delays woohoo. I wish I could say I got to my hostel just fine, but it took me nearly 2 hours from my flight landing until I’d checked in. I went to the toilet at the wrong time just before immigration and had to wait so long for a pen (my trusty one has gone walkies) to fill out the form and then there was the super long queue. I then got confused as to where to buy my tourist MRT pass. I walked around for a good 30mins just to, you know, sweat, and then had to queue at the right ticket booth for, in the end, a normal pass that I could’ve bought at any MRT desk.

BUT I finally got to my hostel, Coziee, and it’s pretty pleasant and in an awesome location. I didn’t waste any time and headed straight out to Orchard street.

At first I didn’t even see daylight once I got out of the MRT, I just walked straight into mall after mall after mall. Needless to say I was like “oh my days I need to buy everything” but I didn’t and I’m proud of myself for that. I ended up in the Takashima mall, which reminded me of Japan but it wasn’t as good as Japan’s one. The food I had in the food hall was terrible and I only ate out of fear that I wouldn’t find anywhere cheaper. Don’t do this, it’s Asia, there’s always cheap places.

Needless to say I really enjoyed window shopping and when I finally saw daylight I was pleasantly surprised at the pristine street shadowed by skyscrapers. I aimlessly walked around just following the crowd and then I came across the most awesome mall which sells so many cool trainers. It has the Charlie Brown cafe at the top, and is near to Orchard shopping centre and Somerset station. Unfortunately, or fortunately for my bank, my feet are too big for any womans shoe.

I found a tourist info place nearby and they helped me to plan an itinerary for my time here, and printed it out. I thought this was such a cool thing to help me with my few days in Singapore.

By the time I had finished window shopping it was pretty late, so I headed back to my hostel and rested up. So far, I’m enjoying it here!

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