Indonesia – Bali Sanur


I’m bundling these days in Sanur together as I did absolutely nothing. I went to the beach, wasn’t too impressed because Lombok spoilt me, ate at the same Warung down the road from my hostel for every meal because it cost under 20,000rp, and sat by the pool.

I didn’t enjoy this place, the people at the hostel were like a nightmare come true, people prejudging me because of where I live, people who didn’t know where Lombok was, people who thought Bali was all and end all. I kept to myself and just researched and prepared for my next step on the trip.

The only cool thing I saw here were the locals fishing in the low tide, oh, and also there was the most magnificent view of Lombok with the huge full moon sitting low in the sky. OK, so a couple cool things here… but that’s where it ends.

I will not miss Bali.

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