Indonesia – Lombok to Flores, Wanua boat trip DAY 4


Boooo! It’s the last day on the boat and my has the time flown by! I’m actually sad it’s the end of an era, no more play mat or rocking durin the night. But before I get off we have one more island to visit, Rinca!

I actually wanted to go to both Komodo and Rinca island to see the Komodo dragons but everyone voted to go just to Rinca and spend more time there. As long as I saw a dragon I was happy.

We spent the early hour sailing there and as we were walking in we almost missed our first dragon! He was just lying there to the side of the path, most people thought it was fake haha. He was huge, a real dinosaur. He even started to walk a bit which was a little scary as their bite can kill you.

As it was so busy, we had to wait for a guide but we didn’t mind as a pregnant Komodo came really close and I managed to film her for a bit. Turns out a lot of the dragons hang around the kitchen for easy food, but they lay their eggs in the forest.

We did the long hike, which passed the nest and we saw many small komodos running around when they are normally hiding in trees to avoid being eaten by the adults. I also saw a larger adult prowling around. Out of the forest we didn’t see anymore Komodos because it was too hot, but we saw a water buffalo which our guide thought had been bitten and would die soon.

There was a lovely view at the top and we made our way back to the boat to have one final snorkel stop at this private island. The coral here was just stunning and I’d never seen so many colours in the coral, but my snorkel wasn’t working and in the end I gave up and swam back to the boat.

From there we had lunch and then a couple hours later we were arriving in Flores. We all said goodbye and tried to arrange to have dinner together. I went to find my tent at Bajo View which was up a really steep hill but had an amazing view of the bay.

There’s a lot of good food at Labuan Bajo, and it’s a pretty crazy town offering a lot of diving.

Overall I had an excellent time on the boat, it was so much fun, the views were stunning, the wildlife was on point and the boat was just hilarious. Everyone tried to scare me before saying there’s rats and cockroaches, the boat will sink. Well, it didn’t sink and I didn’t see any bugs. I just had a great time.

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