Indonesia – Labuan Bajo to Bali


I booked a flight from Flores to Bali many days before I booked the tour as I knew it would be full. Some people had to spend 24 hours on the boat to get back to Lombok!

To get to the airport I got motorbike taxi as it was 15 mins away, and paid only 20,000rp. The flight was slightly delayed, no surprise there, but was very smooth and I got a little chocolate bread on the flight. It took only 1 hour to get to Bali, and once I got my bag I ubered it to my hostel in Sanur.

I decided to stay in Sanur for my final days in Indonesia as I wanted somewhere chill to catch up on my blog and book flghts etc. The hostel, Cafe Locca, is really pleasant with good wifi so I just chilled for the rest of the day.

That evening I scouted out dinner joints and to my surprise there’s a hell of a lot on offer. I was really craving meat and after some persuasion from the waiters and a cheeky discount I got some ribs by candlelight and sang happy birthday to myself once again haha.


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