Malaysia – Ipoh, Flea market & Lost World Hot springs


As it was a Sunday I went to go see the flea market near the night market, where the locals sell anything and everything. I was amused to see cola bottles, remote controls and old cast irons for sale. The market is open from 6am – 12pm but they started packing up a bit earlier than 12.

It goes on for quite a stretch and nearer the end there was a snake show where they have many cobras in boxes and they get them out to kiss and play with. I found it all very Morrocan and strange, they even had this orange lotion which was supposed to help with back pain like deep heat. All I know was that it was from a snake and it freaked me out.

From there we took another trip to the mall which was a 10min walk away, and then headed back towards Jalan Theatre. There they have the famous tofu dessert at restaurant called Funny Mountain, a bowl costs just 1.20RM and it’s so good. There are also so really good chicken and beansprout restaurants near here. I ate at one if you hadn’t guessed…

That evening I went to the Sunway Hotspring and spa, online there was a sale, 22RM, so we decided to check it out. As I had been to the waterpark in KL which is a branch of this park I had really high hopes. To get there I ubered and once changed went into the hotsprings.

It was so busy that I was a little dissappointed but as soon as I got in the water I felt so good. It’s a really nice complex with so many pools at different temperatures. I really enjoyed the jacuzzi as it was so hot, but very quickly I was unable to take the heat anymore. Luckily I cooled off in the big pool, and also checked out the painful foot spa section and steam room. It was a really fun evening and as the night progressed it got emptier and more enjoyable. I also slept SO WELL.


2 thoughts on “Malaysia – Ipoh, Flea market & Lost World Hot springs

  1. Rebecca Lou says:

    oh my gosh I remember this snake medicine as a kid, my grandma got it from the market too. I think it’s actually pretty effective for skin irritation! Should have got some helen haha


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