Japan – Kyoto, Tenryu-ji & bamboo


I didn’t do much today, but what I did do was take a tram to Arashiyama and go see Tenryu-ji temple with its popular garden and the bamboo grove which sits behind it.

From the tram stop it is a 5-10min walk to the entrance of the temple, the main street is full of shops and people so not that interesting. Entrance fee was 500Y for just the garden, 600Y for the temple too.

The temple itself seemed like any other, but when I first walked to the garden I was so taken back. It was the perfect Japanese garden with the pond and ‘mountains’ with lush trees. I should have taken my time and sat down in front of this part (they have benches there) and enjoyed it but as there were quite a few people I just walked through. I think if you come when it’s not bsuy it’s the perfect way to relax.

The rest of the garden was a nice walk through, it’s a shame I had missed all the spring blossom as there weren’t too many flowers about. I can imagine through all seasons that there is something different to look at.

My favourite part was the bamboo section, and here I did take a few minutes to take it all in. There were new shoots growing which I don’t remember seeing before, in amongst the older bamboo. Just so many to look at!

Just outside the exit and nearer the Arashiyama train station, is the bamboo grove. I was a litle upset that there were so many people as having the bamboo stand so tall beside me was awesome. They weren’t as green as I’d hoped and it really wasn’t that big either, only a couple of paths.

Even though it was a lazy day I’m sure glad I went to check these out!


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