Japan – Kanazawa


It took around 2 hours on the train from Kyoto to Kanazawa, all covered with the JR pass. In Kanazawa I was a little disheartened at first as it seemed exactly the same as previous places in Japan. I felt a lot better when I arrived at my airbnb room, which turned out to be a whole house with a really nice kitchen and living room, all Japanese style with the tatami mats and sliding doors. The house is also in a really good location, literally on a shopping street.

As it was late afteroon, most of the cultural museums and sights were closed. So I started looking round the shopping centres but meh seen them too much already, and then decided to have a walk around the Nagamachi district which is the old Samurai district and really close to my place!

The walls surrounding the houses are built or are restored walls in the styyle of the samurai architect. There’s stones at the bottom and a mixutre of straw and something to complete the rest of the wall. As Kanazawa was unbombed in WW2 there is a lot of original histoy here, and it’s all so well preserved. There are so many wooden houses here, granted they may no beexactly like how they were in edo times (they are wood and wood…). I really enjoyed walking around here.

I found a supermarket which is the best thing ever, and I decided to cook a vegetable beef dish. FINALLY feeling normal by eating good food, I also prepped for breakfast and got myself cereal, yoghurt and fruit. Can you tell I’m sick of eating out? This works out much cheaper too.

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