Japan – Osaka Namba


Today was a scheduled lazy day, I got up late, ate my fruit and yoghurt and then headed out to Namba city shopping centre. I really wanted to check out what was to offer and although everything was really nice it was on the pricey side. I eyed up so many pretty things but had to say no 😥

The best thing of my day was discovering the food court at the bottom of the Takeshima department store which is next to Namba City and the station. It was so big and full of every Japanese food goody you could think of! I was so excited about buying vegetables in the supermarket I decided to cook my own healthy lunch with some broccoli, leaves, tofu, potatoes and onion. It came to the same price as it would have if I’d eaten out and much much more healthy. I can’t believe how much I was craving broccoli… I also bought a couple meat skewers which I didn’t need to but my mouth was drooling and I couldn’t say no. I’m so glad I found this place and could enjoy a huge plate of greens.

Back on the streets I walked down the super long under cover shopping arcade which runs from Namba to Shinsaibashi and onwards. As it’s currently golden week there were a lot of sales happening and the place was packed. I enjoyed looking at all the jewellery which is so dainty, and I got myself one of those trendy chokers for a laugh. I look ridiculous in it but who cares, no one knows me here! I also ended up getting a skirt and a tshirt which I had been wanting to get since I saw everyone wearing them. It was nice to spend some time browsing without having to rush around and see sights at the same time.

Once back at the flat it was time for Babyfoot. I soaked my feet for 20 mins, put on Spirited Away, and then slipped my feet into the gel socks. After relaxing and watching the film for over an hour I washed and soaked my feet again. Now I just have to wait and see if they peel! It felt quite warm and tingly when I had them on and my feet now feel quite dry so we shall see.

For dinner I was craving tempura and luckily there was a tempura spot right next to the flat. I waited only 10 mins and ordered off the menu. There was a choice of ordering 7 of the chefs choice but I didn’t want to chance getting some horrible ones.


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