Japan – Nara


Today I went on a day trip to Nara, it takes only 30mins from Osaka station with the rapid train. Outside the main station it’s a 20min walk to the actual park, and the walk is lined with restaurants and shops. Luckily it was a nice day so it made it more pleasurable, and as it was reaching lunchtime I stopped off to finally try some okonomiyake. I had high hopes for this Japanese pancake, but I was so disappointed as it was rank. I guess it just wasn’t for me! I had one with bacon, and there was little of it and it just tasted of a huge takoyaki which I wasn’t a massive fan of either. It was fun to have it heated on the plate infront of you where you can cook it a bit more, but shame about the taste…

As I neared the park I went to see the Nanendo temple first, which was right next to the Kofuku-ji. I didn’t enter any temples as we had seen so many previously, but it was nice to be able to walk around in the sun and it seemed that one sight just lead onto the next.

In the main park I came across the famous Nara deer! I quickly bought some deer rice cakes for 150Y and started to feed them. The deer are ruthless and will eat anything like a goat would, I saw them try to nibble on prams, plastic bags and they chased you when they knew you had food. I was headbutted a couple time which totally freaked me out! They were cute though and I’m glad I got some food to feed them.

Walking through the park I came across the Buddhist and national museum, the Buddhist temple was much too expensive and I wasn’t too interested in the national one so we just continued walking.

As we were nearing the Todai-ji temple, the streets were filling out with many food stalls. You could literally get anything here, I ended up falling in love with the candied fruit stall and bought some toffee grapes which were so deliciuos. It was a bit expensive but I’d never tried it before, it’s really hard not buying everything you see.

I didn’t go into the Todai-ji temple as we had been in so many before and it was pricey to go inside so I continued my walk around the park. I ended up heading towards the Todaiji Nigatsudo temple, the area was high up on the hill so there were less deer and people. It was a pretty area and I thought the the temple was stunning. It was so big and I really love the dark wood. At the top there was the prettiest view of Nara and there I stopped off and enjoyed the view with some ichigo. It has to be my favourite place in Nara.

The rest of the temples were quite a walk away and it was too hot to attempt to see all of them so I headed back through the park to the station. On the way back we found a pretty lake with a pavillion where you can also hire a boat.

Back on the main street to the station I had a look in the pharmacy shops and found baby foot which is an acid peel for the feet. I was pretty excited to try this and got myself a pack.

In Osaka I had time to enjoy a nice dinner and spoilt myself by eating a lobster. It was so much fun as you had to use the grab tool to choose your own lobster and then they tell you the price according to the weight. Most people were sharing one lobster but I’m a pig and had one all to myself and it was delicious!


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