Indonesia – Berastagi to Bukit Lawang


Had the journey from hell today…

We decide to go straight to Bukit Lawang from Berastagi, which is a four hour car journey, and set off at 11am in hope to arrive around 3pm. Following google maps, we got so far towards Medan and then we were taken onto country roads, which are full of potholes. That wasn’t even the worst of it, one of the roads had a broken bridge so google maps rerouted. This was when our journey became a nightmare…

This alternative road was at first extremely bumpy, and then it turned into jungle with hardly any road, and then it turned muddy and no villages just jungle. Of course we got stuck, and there were so many high rocks that were hitting the underneath of the car when it did move. I was so worried we’d be stuck in the jungle all day! With just two of us, we didn’t have the strength to push the car and it was so lucky when someone finally came down our path. They helped push the car and move stones out the way, eventually the car just slid down the road hitting so many rocks, no control of stopping or steering and just hoped for the best! I was overwhelmed when we finally got off the road and back on track, but two seconds later the car got stuck again in a puddle… You can imagine how horrified I was! Luckily we got out quick and it was only 10mins until we finally reached the main road.

I curse google maps for even suggesting this route! It would have been fine in a 4×4 or jeep but definitely not in our family car…

It was 5pm when we finally arrived in Bukit Lawang, I was stressed and tired and was really annoyed at the locals harassing us when we did arrive. You could tell imediately we had arrived in a tourist destination when they all wanted to ‘help’ you for money of course.  I parked up nearer the accomodation, which they tried to charge 50,000rp for the night (!) and we sucessfully bargained down.

After enquiring at a couple places we ended up staying at Indah, which was 150,000rp for a triple bed which is great for a family or 3 people. The water was freezing but we had mosquito nets and a sink so I was happy. To get to this accomodation you have to cross the bridge which is a little unsafe but a mini adventure for me. At Indah there’s decent food for a reasonable price considering it’s a tourist place.



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