Indonesia – Belitung, Lengkuas island


After late start in the day as I wasn’t feeling great, I ended up heading back to Kelayar beach to get on a boat to Lengkuas island where there is the lighthouse.

I knew the boat would be expensive but man it was really expensive! 400,000rp for 4 hours on a boat. I really couldn’t believe it, plus it didn’t help we were only two so less way to split the fare. Instead of bartering and wasting time we just agreed to the price as we really wanted to chek out this island.What most people do is rent the boat for the day and go island hopping.

The boat journey was longer than expected, and we passed many of the islands on the way, and headed straight for Lengkuas. On approach I could see so many pretty rocks in the water, to me they looked too perfect, Disney style! Once there we were only the second boat to have parked up, most of the traffic would have got there earlier in the day. We headed to the right where there are more of the pretty rocks.

I really hate how people think it’s ok to litter here, there was the most baeutiful section on the island where you are surrounded by rocks but you were also surrounded by babies nappies and plastic bottles. So disgusting. I managed to get pics cropping out the filth but I didn’t want to relax there for fear of catching something.

On the island there is a lighthouse which is still used to help guide boats at night, and luckily if the weather is good you are able to go up to the top. So that’s what I did, and it’s definitely a work out! There were 18 floors of tiny steps winding up, but at the top there was th most amazing view of the island. The water looked super nice with the white sand, a true paradise. I also saw some huge slizards, not quite as big as a komodo but the fact they looked massive from the top of the lighthouse, I can only imagine they were bigger close up.

For the rest of the time on the island I lazed on the beach, there were huge rainclouds all around us and thankfully they all managed to miss us. It was a little cold because of the clouds, which was quite nice for once. Eventually the other boat left and we were the only ones on the island, felt like it was private.

At sunset I took many pictures and then we headed back to Kelayang. On the journey we saw this small array of rocks being lit up by different coloured lights. I genuinely thought it was a party but I think they were just making a show of the rocks. It was weird nonetheless.

The drive back was cold and we ended up eating at War Bie our main mans restaurant. He gave us fish veg and rice for 200,000rp which is expensive for my backpacker budget but worth it. His Es Kacang is the bomb.


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