Indonesia – Kawah Ijen to Bali


After my hike to Kawah Ijen, my hostel Kampung Osing drove me to the bus station where I could havegot a straight bus to Denpasar in Bali for 80,000rpi. However, I ended up on a mini bus to the ferry port for 15,000rpi.

The mini bus took around 30mins to get to the ferry, at the ferry some people were trying to sell us bus tickets again but I got te ferry instead. It cost 6000rpi, and I had a comfortable seat listening to a guy sing karaoke, and slept almost the entire 1 hour journey.

At the ferry port, I had to ask a couple times but managed to find the local bus station and got on it for 50,000rpi. There’s no air con, so luckily I was next to the window. They also don’t leave the bus station until the bus is full, and you have to put your back pack in the aisle as there is no storage space. This journey took around 4 hours, and it stopped many times to pick up locals. I enjoyed the ride as I could watch the scenery, grab a couple sleeps and just watch the locals do their thing.

At the end of the bus, I decided to take a taxi to ubud. I had to bargain a little but got it down to 180,000rpi, the guy didn’t even drop us near to the hostel. Probably pay back for not paying more…

After a 1km walk I finally got to the hostel, went out for dinner and went to bed. I was knackered.


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