Indonesia – Arriving in Yogyakarta & drag queens


It was finally time to say goodbye to Malaysia, after 5 weeks I feel completely rested and ready to experience some culture. Malaysia, while it has great food and beaches, lacks a certain je ne sais quoi in terms of culture. Sure, the street art was nice but it was drawn by a European!

To get to Yogya I took a internal flight from Penang to Johor Bahru. It was a simple journey although I left my hostel at 5am for my 7am flight, the taxi cost 60RM even though the meter said it was only 28RM, and I was unbelievably tired. At Johor Bahru, I had to wait around the arrivals hall as I was too early to check in my bag for my flight to Yogjakarta. There are some restaurants but mostly were fast food.

On the flight I had a guy next to me who really didn’t understand personal space and I had to hit him with my book when his hand became 2cm away from my leg. Not sure if he was just being like this because I’m female or just because he’s an ass. Probably both. Either way, I arrived safe and sound!

At Yogya airport, it’s really easy to get through immigration, there’s no option for a VOA (visa on arrival) so luckily I only had a plan to stay one month anyway. I decided to get a bus to my hostel rather than a taxi as it was a much cheaper option. I had to walk to Terminal A to get the transit bus, I had to ask around a couple times to find it but once there they told me which bus to get and where to get off. It cost only 3400rp which is like 20p, and the journey was around 1 hour.

I’m staying at Ostic house which is easy to find if you have It’s a lovely hostel, the staff are just incredible and the facilities are top notch. I love the staff.

Although I was really tired from travelling I went out to see the drag show in Malioboro st. I got a taxi there and the hostel staff told him where to drop us off, the taxi cost 20000rp. The drag show was at the top of this government style shop and it cost 50,000rp to get in.

Once inside I was given half a pack of chips, which I so needed after only eating a croissant and apple all day. Unfortunately as we arrived just after the show had begun, the place was really packed out. We had to sit below the stage near the back so we could only see part of the stage. Didn’t stop me from enjoying the show though! I had some nice chicken and rice to eat for 30,000 which is expensive but reasonable.

I highly recommend this show, which is on only on Friday and Saturday. It’s not vulgar in any way, just some good fun with some drag queens who mimed and danced to songs. My favourite was Beyonce right at the end, the make up and costume was just amazing and her facial expressions and dancing were just spot on. So much fun!

As the show finished at 9pm, we got a taxi back to the hostel and sat at a bar nearby and watched this amazing local band playing some old rock classics. I ate some grilled banana which tasted like potato. I’ve still yet to open up and drink with fellow travellers, but I do just think it’s a waste of money when I’m enjoying myself without alcohol.



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