Laos – Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfall


I had to check out of my guest house and move to Kounsavan hostel. I was happy to move as it meant there would be a better atmosphere and potentially more help when booking things. Turns out the staff at the hostel are just as unfriendly and unhelpful as the guesthouse. We were able to book ourselves into a minivan to go to the Kuang Si waterfall, it cost 35,000k return and took 40 mins to get there. When there, we were told we only had 3 hours to spend there which I was unhappy about as I hate to have a time limit.

Entrance to the falls was 20,000k, and it includes a bear rescue centre. I absolutely loved that this was part of the waterfall experience. These were all rescued bears, and some were due to go to a bear bile centre but were saved before they arrived. They were really close and had a nice enclosure which lots of things for the Bears to play with. Really amazing seeing these creatures up close.

The bottom of the waterfall was a short walk, and it truly is beautiful. Much bluer than the blue lagoon. I had a really amazing walk up the waterfall which was very easy to do, and along the way saw points where you can go for a swim. The main waterfall is just incredible, the whole thing is just incredible I was so happy to be there.

There was a 10 min tough walk up to the top of the main waterfall and you couldn’t really see over the edge unless you climb over the barrier. It was a really awesome view. Once you walk round there was a sign to the source of the fall, it was a 3 km hike and we just wouldn’t have time to enjoy the walk and the source at the top! I heard that you can extend your stay if you pay the driver extra, so then you have plenty of time to explore.

The way down was ok it was quite slippery in places but it is wet season so it was expected… I managed to have an amazing dip in the water but omg it was so cold. There are also fish there that nip you when you stand still, it was really fun though and the water was so fresh. It’s so nice to be able to jump in and chill and when I got too cold I got out. While waiting for the bus I got some BBQ pork from a grill, it was the best meat I’d eaten for a while. Absolutely delicious!

The rest of the day was spent walking round and to the night market but it closed early because a thunderstorm started. It was a shame as I so wanted to buy some things. I then hid in a cafe, had a tea and used the wifi until the storm calmed down.


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