Japan – Kanazawa Castle park, Karouken Garden & ninja temple


It was quite a nice day out today so I headed to the Kanazawa castle grounds to see what was on offer. I entered in through the Imori-zaka gate where there was a really pretty landscape garden, here they offer free volunteer guides but there were non when I got there.

It’s a realy nice walk around the garden and around the castle and gates. I didn’t pay to go into the turrets but if you’re into the architecture and craftmanship then it’d be worth seeing.

I came across the entrance to the Karouken garden, where I paid 300Y to enter. Some things here aren’t worth paying for but I thought this was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The garden was a really lovely walk and I only wish I’d been there earlier in spring to see all the blossom. The tea here is also way way overpriced like 700Y for some powered green tea!

After the park I went to see the Honda museum which was 500Y and not worth it at all, they didn’t have everything on the leaflet in the museum and it was tiny. I was so dissapointed by it and wish I hadn’t bothered spending my money!

For lunch I found a ramen place which was pretty tasty, the best meal I’d eaten in Kanazawa that I’d not cooked for myself. It was just behind Korinbo 100 and they gave me a voucher to eat there again for 200Y off!

I then headed over to the Ninja temple, it was quite late in the day around 3pm when I started walking there. I got a bit lost at first but google maps saved me! I had made no reservation beforehand but it was a Tuesday afternoon not in golden week, so I took my chances. There’s a buzzer where they take your reservation and luckily they had space for the 4pm entrance. There is no English guide but they gave me a leaflet to keep and a folder which had a written guide in English with pictures and explanations all in order of the tour. This I found made it so much more worthwhile as I didn’t miss out on any tricks or hidden gems. It meant I could keep up with the tour guide as she was pointing everything out and showing us how certain things worked. I loved how this building was so cleverly made it was like a labyrinth. Even though it was 1000Y I felt the 30min guide was worth it.

Afterwards I had a quick look at the nearby Nomachi district which had a lovely Geisha vibe, and here they openly call them prostitutes…



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