Top Tips for Marrakech

So although I wrote a mega long entry about my trip to Marrakech, I thought I’d summarise my top things to do and list where I ate.

  1. Admire the Atlas Mountains
  2. Lose yourself in the Souks
  3. Let it all hang out in a local Hammam
  4. People watch in a restaurant or cafe that overlooks the Square
  5. Visit the palais
  6. Stay in a riad

You could also go and visit the desert and go quad biking, but I unfortunately didn’t have time to do this.

Where to eat:

  1. Nomad
  2. Clock Cafe
  3. Street food in the square

I think my number one tip for visiting in the winter months (I went in February), it is COLD, take jeans and a jacket and layer up. We were eating outdoors all the time because of the beautiful views, and I wore every single item of clothing I’d brought with me. In the sun it is wonderful and hot, in the shade it’s like the UK all over again. I have had friends and family visit in late March and they said it was a lot warmer.


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