Local Moroccan Hammam

While I was in Morocco, my friend and I decided to go to a local Hammam.

It was difficult to find only because we didn’t see the small sign, and eventually had to ask a local for a “hammam, non spa”.

Men and women have different bathing times, with women having the majority of the day 12-7pm.

We walked into this hallway and met two elderly women. It cost us 10dh for entry and 5dh for them to look after our stuff. She gave us a bucket which had a bowl in.

As we were trying to figure out what the hell we were doing this woman walks into the hallway almost naked. It was at that point where my inhibitions left and I stripped in the hallway, leaving just my bikini bottoms and flip flops. The old woman pointed through the arch where we could just see bicycles and a big open space. She had to shuffle in to show us the room in which to go in behind this huge door.

Behind this door is an empty dark room, but we continue walking through. The next room is beginning to feel much warmer and I immediately see a woman lying naked face down on the floor and another naked woman is scrubbing her back. There are empty shower rooms but without the shower, we hung our towels up and with our bucket walked through to the last room. This one was much brighter and busier. There were naked women everywhere, sitting on stalls and on mats, with their children. At the side of the room there were some pipes to fill up your bucket with hot or cold water.

We quickly took note and filled up our buckets, then squatted down and started splashing water on ourselves. We had previously bought black soap and exfoliating mitts from the market, which were specifically for hammam use. I rubbed on the black soap and used the mitt to scrub it off. It felt amazing and relaxing. I could see why women enjoyed coming here. It would’ve been better if we had stools to sit on. I wasn’t very comfortable lying or sitting directly on the floor as I could see a whole load of shaved hair next to me and women shaving their armpits..

After scrubbing each other’s backs we noticed that if you come by yourself, another woman will scrub you. One lone female tourist came in while we were there and had to lie on the floor while an elderly woman scrubbed her head to toe. Hilariously, the old woman’s droopy boobies were casually passing over the lady’s body, and I was so pleased I’d come with a friend. I’m sure it’d be a good scrub from the old woman though!

It is definitely something you must do if you’re in Marrakech, it was an amazing fun experience that I won’t forget. Neither will I forget the images of the overweight women scrubbing their bits..


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