Hot Air Ballooning in Bagan

Many people recommended this hot air balloon trip, so I decided to book a flight with Oriental Balloon tour a month in advanced.

Got up at 4.30am and got picked up at 5.30am for the hot air balloon. They drove us to the starting site and we sat down on different tables and were given tea, coffee, banana cake and a croissant. We watched them blow up the balloons first with cold air and then hot, the basket is lain on it’s side first so they can attach it to the balloon.



The basket has small compartments around the pilot. Heat was hot around the pilot as he was blowing fire to heat up the air, it felt like I was sitting in an oven.


We shot up high really quickly just in time to see the sunrise over the view of the temples. The pilot opened flaps to rotate the balloon, and the balloon just rides with the wind.




We saw other balloons go down quite early, but we had gone too far to land on the mainland. Our pilot decided we would go over  the river and land on the sand bank.


Once we landed we had to wait a good 20 mins for the team to arrive and let us out of the basket. We then had some fruit and “champagne” together. We receved a certificate to rove what we’d done.. We then boarded a tiny boat back to Bagan, and the team managed to pack down the balloon and basket and put it all onto a small boat!