A deep goodbye to Asia, and hello to Prague


So it was time to say goodbye to Asia, I don’t really know how I feel about it all. In one way I am sad, sad to be losing my freedom of solo exploration, of not being able to discover and experience this wonderful continent. In the other way, I’m happy, happy to be going back to Europe, my home, seeing old faces instead of constant new ones.

This trip has allowed me to discover things I never knew existed, it allowed me to realise I am stronger and more independent than I previously thought. It helped me to understand the world a little bit more and realise what is important to me, and what shouldn’t be.

So here’s what I realised… consumerism is bad, bad, bad, in more than a million ways it is killing us, changing our meaning of existence, changing our views on what we need and what we want. What I found I needed was.. not much. I saw people living with 2 solar panels to light up one bulb for the evening and to play the radio. They had dirty unfashionable clothes because people didn’t judge them for what they were wearing. I saw people living in a community, spending their time with family and friends, working together as a team, needing nothing but food. Even then the food was basic, rice, meat and veg, the meat was all completely farmed in the village. No mass producing, only eating what was needed to be eaten. Of course, there are bad sides to this life, no technology, no modern medicine and no easy education. The key thing was that they were happy, they had time to sit down and laugh, and why can’t our society today be like this? Consumerism, marketing, and greed… I’m sad because this is the world I’m heading back to… and *cue hippie chat* I need to think about how to make it better. I’m no superman so I’m going to think about what I need in my life and how it will make me happy.

So the first reason I was especially happy to be going to Prague is because I was meeting up with the guy who was always there for me while I was away. He booked flights for me when my phone was broken, he came out and visited me and explored with me, he listened to my stories and my moaning after a long boring day on a bus or a flight that I almost missed. When I felt nervous about a new country, he was there for me. I am so thankful for that. Yes it was very difficult with my limited wifi, and our initial disagreements but I’m pleased it all worked out. I’m super happy to be going to Prague with him, it’s like a welcome back gift (in more ways than one as my bag didn’t arrive so I needed some warm clothes!). I feel our time apart has made us stronger, so here’s to a long future 🙂

The other reasons, I shouldn’t really have to say is my family and friends, I did miss them. I missed having that regular conversation with friends. The new friends I made made this trip priceless, but nothing beats a good old catch up with a familiar face. My nephew is not so much a baby anymore and I’m excited to see him again.

I am happy to be away from mosquitos and bed bugs, to have my own space again will seem like such a privilege I may never leave my room again. I don’t need so many clothes and I’m happy I have that outlook now and managed to survived with a bag of clothes for half a year! First thing I’m doing when I go home is clearing out everything. Bye bye useless tat.

Most of all I’m happy I’ve moved on with my life. I’ve got rid of old baggage holding me back, got rid of old relationships that won’t improve my future. I realised that if someone isn’t there to make me happy, why should that person be part of my life anymore. Yes I could hold on to the past and hope that things could go back to how they were, but what’s the point in making myself miserable? I found this hilarious “texts from my ex” instagram page, which just highlights my point in an extremely humorous way.

SO bye bye Asia, I’m sure I’ll be back. There’s a few places I missed, but South America is also calling me and Iceland and the rest of Europe. Happy to round off this incredible, eye opening, mind opening trip with a week in Czech Republic.


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